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This site is dedicated to all the battered women and abuse victims in the world.

We hope you find the answers here to help with whatever situation you may be in. Just remember You Are Not Alone! If you are in need of help contact us.

STOP THE VIOLENCE against Women, Teenagers and Children.

Our goal is to provide the “abused and battered victims” information they can use to either get out of the situation they are currently in or get help from other abused victims that may help them. We add much needed resources daily so check back often. If you think that women are weak because they stay in an abusive relationship, think again. Violence against women and children continues to rise and only with awareness,resources, and guidance, can we help stop the cycle. Remember, abuse can be mental or physical.

J.D. Danner's "Shelter From The Shame" starring... by TheDlisted

Women need to know they are not alone and, “Yes, There Is Help Out There”. Please join us and help all battered women, battered teens and children. With your help we can let abused victims know that there is help available from caring and compassionate therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists to extremely compassionate attorneys that can help with divorce, child custody, child support, restraining orders, criminal law, and bankruptcy, just to name a few.